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Can you tell us the story behind Hook's recording of Cover of Radio Times?

Another myth...
When we released Cover of Rolling Stone in the UK the BBC would not play it because 'Rolling Stone' is a registered trademark and, as such, could not be used in any commercial song that was played on their station.
This same thing happened with The Kinks' song, 'Lola'.
Ray Davies had to change the line 'just like Coca Cola' to 'just like cherry cola' in order to have the Beeb play his record.

CBS Records came up with a great idea and set up a phoneline where folks could call and hear the song, clandestinely.
It brilliantly helped to grow the mystique, making the BBC desperately want to play the record, but they simply couldn't get around the copyright restrictions.
Legend has it that we went into a studio and rerecorded the song as 'Cover of Radio Times' - the weekly BBC TV.radio magazine - so they would give the song airtime.
What actually happened was that a bunch of BBC DJs went into a studio and shouted the words 'RADIO TIMES' over our original chorus.
It's the same recording that we released with the addition of their voices layered over the top of ours.
You can still hear us singing 'ROLLING STONE!' way in the background, under their voices.
I never even heard the alternate version til a couple of decades after the fact, when a fan gave me a cassette copy of it after one of my shows.
Strange how these halftruths follow you around.
I was just leafing thru a new book (I'll get the title and post it later) that lists the most influential rock and pop singles and albums of all time.
Cover of Rolling Stone was mentioned.
But, in the brief 2-3 paragraph piece there were 3 major errors.
First, it said the song was penned by 'band manager, Shel Silverstein'.
Half right, anyway.
Then, it propigated the above myth and said we'd recorded the Radio Times version.
Again, uh uh...
Finally, the last sentence said that we later became 'purveyors of the kind of sappy, sophomoric material that Silverstein originally satired in his Oooohhhhh, reeeaaallly?
Now, whatever you thought of that song or us or any of our later (hugely successful) stuff, 'Sylvia' was not a satire, pastiche, parody or joke.

It was a serious, heartwrenching song, written about a actual time in Shel's life.
He loved the way we recorded it! 
So did she.
I met the woman - Sylvia - a year or so ago.

Had lunch with her in London.
Quite a kick, but
daunting, as you might imagine, after 30+ years of singing about her. 
Anyway, like alot of 'ex-spurts', whenever this writer (I'll get his name for you too) wasn't hard at work putting us down he was busy getting it totally wrong.
But, don't worry...
I'm here to put it straight, wherever and whenever I can. ~

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