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would be (haven't I said this several times before?) if all the 'real Dr Hook fans' out there would contact EMI and/or SONY and urge them to release a comprehensive package of tracks from every phase of Hook's recording career.
Instead of blaming me and posting the same old complaints, over and over, on the same old websites, get active. Do something about it!
I'll say it again (sigh):
I have done everything I can to try and convince them over the years . I suggested that 'H&H' be a double disc set, containing many of the more 'cult-y' Hook tracks. The closest I ever got was the boxed set. 
But, like any big corporation, they only want to release what, thru research, surveys and polls, they KNOW will sell.

Sorry. That's the cold, hard truth.
Would you rather NOTHING ever came out?
Apparently, lots of people didn't agree.
Until then, be glad your 'favorite band' is having some - any - success again.
Now, go, make a difference, like I have always tried to...for the good of the band name.


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