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Everything is rolling along nicely and on schedule.
The book is done.
The DVD/CD set is almost there.
As always, I have deliberately avoided seeing a single frame of it, but John says it 'looks and sounds fantastic!'
Still some artwork to do.
The 2 album boxed set is gonna be really nice.
As this will probably serve as the definitive way to get my first two albums for some time to come I want it to be a cool package.
We've included some of the old artwork, as well as new stuff and as much relevant 'extra' music as we could come up with.
The idea is to have everything in one neat little set.
I always considered Shine Son to be the last song on Out Of The Dark.
The other tracks that were added on to the original disc were at the suggestion of the label, not necessarily because I thought they belonged there.
The 3 songs that had already appeared as 'bonus' tracks on the Dr Hook's Love Songs compilation, Love You Now, Happy Ever After Love and I Think I'm In Love, were not originally recorded for the Hook project.
They were part of what I was doing in the studio at the time.
When EMI asked if I had anything new I could contribute to their package I gave them those 3 songs with the stipulation that they not be listed as Dr Hook tracks (because they weren't!), but Dennis Locorriere - The Voice of Dr Hook.

I figured I might as well have the Hook fans know I still had a pulse.
If they had not gone on Love Songs any one of them might have been on OOTD, especially 'I Think...', so I've included them in the new boxed set at the end of that disc.
The two 'live' tracks originally squeezed onto OOTD were the label's clever corporate way of trying to entice the public with my past connection to Hook (It didn't work).
I objected strongly to those tracks (recorded on the Love Songs promotional tour I did) being stuck at the end of my new and first solo album, but I eventually relented in an effort to keep things 'sweet' between me and the label (It didn't work).
I have always regretted my lack of conviction there.
It's for that reason that I have not included them in the boxed set and to make room for a few things I thought really should be on the OOTD disc, those being two 'rare' tracks that were used as 'b-sides' on the Passion Street single that I always wished more people had gotten to hear.
Included on the One Of The Lucky Ones disc is an unused studio track from those sessions.
It's a song I've done in my solo concerts in the past, but has never been on any album.
Also found two 'live' cuts from the OOTLO solo tour.

Neither song has ever been on any of my 'live' CDs or DVDs.
And, because it was recorded during the same time period, but previously available only as a download, the 2008 recording of Shine Son is also on the OOTLO disc.
So, yeah, like I said, it's all running smoothly and right on schedule.



Posts: 2,082
The artwork for the POST COOL  LIVE  cover has been a bitch to get together!
It's always harder to find great concert shots - ones that aren't too blurry or sweaty or weirdly lit.
Oddly enough, there weren't many concert shots taken on that tour for some reason, but we did manage to use some nice screen captures from the actual film to make a rather cool 'live' montage of our extremely photogenic band in action.
The DVD/dbl CD comes in a digi-pak, so it's CD shaped and not long like a standard DVD case.
More like creating an album cover.
And, in this case, it was the cover that proved to be so difficult.

It wasn't the photo.
We found that right away.
It was the layout.
The colors.
The fonts.
Many attempts were made but there was always something not quite right.
Anyway, John Taylor and I really liked the latest draft we were sent this morning and that's what we're going with.
Gets the point across brilliantly.
It should show up on Amazon and elsewhere as an 'Available for pre-order' item soon.

By the way, the Retrospection boxed set and the DVD are being released, respectively, on POST COOL records and POST COOL media.
Nice to have everything 'in house' these days. ~


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