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Somebody has to tell me why the UK has adopted a weekend of Black Friday sales when there is no Thanksgiving holiday here???
It's a four day weekend in the US.
Remember when shops used to take advantage of that time and actually close earlier or completely?
Now they use that time to get more of our money.
And make us risk harm to give it to them.
For the past several years the horror of Black Friday shopping, replete with rage crimes and casualties, has been been big news.
Now the rest of the world could point a finger one more time and say "Look at those crazy, excessive bastards!".
Then, the rest of the world came to their capitalistic senses and realized they had their own crazies and decided to accommodate their insanity.
Soon, we'll have an International Black Friday where shoppers of different denominations can battle each other to the death for shit they don't even want.
Last ones standing get to keep the mannequins.
For whatever their purposes may be.
It's pretty easy for Thanksgiving Day to slip right by here - you can blame a groovy little happening called the Revolutionary War - so, rather than wait for the TV footage of the mini-mall massacres to remind me I missed it, I'd thought I'd say happy holiday to everyone concerned right now.
If anybody wants me I'll be crouched down behind a rock, loading my musket. ~.


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