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I wandered into the local HMV shop earlier in the week only to find that Timeless looked pretty much like it had had it's day.
It was no longer on the chart wall and there were only a few copies in the rack behind the
Dr Hook name card.

Today, however, it's back at #2 with lots of copies instore!
It was truly a nice surprise.
I suppose that means it's still selling well.
Verrrrrry cool.

Waiting to get the final word on a really interesting gig that could be happening in July.
I should just shut up until we know more, but, it's an unusual situation for me (on a few levels) and I'm really hoping it comes together.
Next week, at this time, Adrian and I will have been flying for a little over an hour.
Unless, of course, there are delays.
But that nevvvvvver happens, does it?

Later. ~


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