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I actually started putting things into suitcases today.
These sons a' bitches looked roomier before I began filling them.
But, they will have to do now, won't they?
Five more days before we take off.
I have another list of late night interviews on Tuesday.
That's it until I get there then.
I hear I have a couple of days of rushing around, talking to people on the 22nd and 23rd and an early morning performance on breakfast TV on the day of the first show! 
I could have lived without that particular wrinkle but this was the show that was good enough to have me on at the end of last year for some advance 'hellos' and 'see you son's.
They asked me then if I would join them 'live' when I arrived and of course I said yes.
Well, the 24th is the only day they can do it so there we are.
The promoter said I can always go back to my room and take a nap afterwards.
On the day of the first show?!?!?
Uh huh. 
That sounds just like me.
Anyway, I am of the mind that we need to get it on now.
All this anticipation leading up to the tour is starting to wear me out.
I'm not sleeping much at all (says he who never sleeps much at all).
Turned out the lights last night at 4:30am and switched them back on about 6:15.
Laid there for a while, trying to fall back to asleep, but nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuthing makes me more tired than trying to sleep.
It's worst than just staying awake.
Which is what I did.
I'm hoping that the few things I've thrown into my luggage will serve to take some of my anxiousness (is that a word?) away.

Timeless was #9 at HMV today, probably getting 'the wall' set up for the coming week.
We're down to the mid 30s on the Amazon UK chart, after making it as high as #4 a few weeks ago.
I looked at the US Amazon chart recently and the CD was #144, 866 or thereabout.
They don't even realize it's been released.
I love the know-nothing blowhards who like to tell me how, by living in the UK, I've forsaken my homeland - 'the place that put you where you are today' is the phrase most commonly thrown in my face.
Think about that for a second.

Truer words have never been spewed.

OK, friends, I'm gonna sign off and see where tonight takes me.
Maybe the next time I check in I'll be completely packed.




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