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Looks like we may be leaving the UK just as the weather does a turn for the best and heading to where it will start to get a bit wetter and colder.
Can't say I won't be used to it.
I see that Timeless has moved from #144,000+ all the way up to #12,697 on the US Amazon chart.
I suppose, given the number of people in the US, that's a pretty significant leap.
Small mercies, huh?

I'm just about packed, except for the things that will get thrown into my bags at the last minute.
I'm bound to take too much with me, but the alternative, for six weeks away, is not an option.
My first Australian show is exactly one week from today/tonight.
The schedule is pretty non-stop until we're on the plane back home on June 1st.
If all goes to plan there will be quite a few more international flights on our tour itineraries in the coming months, into next year.
Sometimes you simply have to break away from what it was in order to assess what is.
I've managed to get all but a couple of toes out of the trickbag I've been stuck in, so we'll see how I do with all ten digits soon.
Even eight or nine freed piggies is an improvement over where I was tho.
Like being trapped under a frozen lake, I could see the sky well enough, but couldn't break thru the ice to get to it.
Looking to put a shit hot band together for next year, including a couple of background singers.
I've been asked if there will be any players from my last two bands included in the new lineup.
There is a small possibility that a familiar face, maybe two, might show up, but, for the most part, NEXT!
The most important thing is that the music sounds just like it's supposed to now.
It's all that's left, really.
OK, friends.
Sorry these entries haven't been more interesting or about various topics.
I've had to be awfully single-minded lately and I don't see that changing for a while.
Later, then? ~

P.S. Thanks for all the tour well wishes that I've recv'd in email and snailmail.
I usually try to reply to each one individually but it's nearly impossible right now.
Speaking of that, I have always sent out signed photos on request - probably 100-150 a year - free of charge, but the postal rates have more than doubled, tripled in some cases.
That means that every pic we post to the US, for instance, costs almost £4, about $6.50, and I simply can't do it any longer unless we recv some sort of return postage assistance.
For every 50 photos I send I get maybe 2-3 email saying thank you.
The thanks is not why I do it, nor is it the reason I've decided to stop, but it's nice to know it's appreciated. ~


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