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This is going to be the only time I have to sit and type anything for the next couple of days.
Our plane leaves London tomorrow afternoon about 2pm-ish and we get to Sydney about 10am on Monday morning.
The Easter Bunny will have to find us in mid-air if he wants to leave any chocolate in our luggage or carry on bags on Sunday.
I hope he (or she...do we know?) gives us a warning because we all know how strict Australian customs is about allowing edibles into their country.
Hell, there's even a TV show about it!
Hence, their amnesty bins with pictures of apples and other foodstuff items with big Xs thru them, giving you one last chance to throw away (or, I suppose, eat) anything you can't take thru.
Imagine my embarrassment if I were to say I have nothing to declare and they found a collection of little brightly coloured, foil wrapped eggs in one or more of my bags.

This will be the longest I've been on the road and away from home in a good number of years and I'm honestly not looking forward to that part of the experience.
Traveling is just one big pain in the ass to me these days.
Hopefully, the shows will more than make up for it.

I will be doing my tour blog entries on my new IPad so they might look different from past ones, but I reckon as long as I can post 'em and folks can read 'em it will serve the purpose.

So, dears and darlings, that's me for awhile.
More from another hemisphere. ~


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