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The passing of Prince has really knocked me for six.
Not sure if it's a 'last straw' reaction after everyone we've lost so far this year but I think it's more about this particular artist himself.
No sense going on about how talented he was.
He could have been a superstar based on any one of his abilities.
Together it was almost too much for people to comprehend.
His persona was so otherworldly and immense that it overshadowed his talent in many ways.
CNN is desperately trying to fill air time with tributes and the like, even resorting to a chat with LaToya Jackson.
One of the first people they spoke to was Prince's first manager, back when the artist was 18.
The guy was on air for a pretty long time, probably as they scrambled to find others to talk to.
He went on and on about how heartbroken and in shock he was, how he knew the first time he looked into Prince's eyes that he'd become a superstar.
When he ws asked how long it had been since they'd been in contact, he stammered, sputtered and, after several awkward seconds said he wasn't 'allowed' to talk about that.
Probably didn't want to admit it had been a few decades.
Seemed awfully scummy to me.
Awhile later they showed a bit of an interview Larry King did with Prince.
They were on the subject of his early days
Something was raised and Prince said 'That would have been with my ex-manager, who's name escapes me.'
Doesn't sound like they parted ways under the best of terms.
There are those that have to bide their time until someone dies before they can fabricate tales of how close they were.
Velcro assholes.
Pretty fucking low.
But hey! What do know, huh???

Off to London today to see Jeff Lynne's ELO.
I've heard great things about the show.
Contractual obligations dictate that JL has to use his name in conjunction with the trademark.
There was a period of time where the commercial fatcats considered that qualification a cheapening of the name and JL sort of dropped the whole idea.
Ironically, these days it's his name that give the trademark creedence because people know they're getting the real deal and not some knockoff put together by ex bandmates or whoever is legally permitted to use the name in one capacity or another.
Sometimes I guess it's best to play a waiting game.
But, hey! What do I know, huh?

There is an animated film online that shows the sinking of Titanic in real time.
From the sighting of the iceberg to the ship slipping below the water.
It's 2 hours and 40 minutes long.
There are no passengers or crew.
It simply depicts what happened to the ship after hitting the berg.
It's quiet, eerie and oddly compelling.
I highly recommend it if you have 160 minutes you can devote.
I have always been a Titanic freak, since I was maybe 10 years old.
A horrifying fascinating monument to the arrogance of man.
A metaphor for life itself.
I tried to show that in my song, Sinking Ship.

OK, that's it from me. ~


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