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Don't know about where you were but it snowed BIG flakes yesterday for about 20 minutes where I am.
Soon turned to slush, then rain, then the sun came out.
Kinda freaky, even for the UK.
Prince wrote a song titled Sometimes It Snows In April.
He was right.
Somewhat disappointed that I haven't seen a single artist tribute to the man that wasn't Purple Rain.
Great, iconic, emotional song, but everyone from Bruce to James Taylor to ELO's support act, The Feeling, employed it to celebrate his artistry.
I know it was chosen because it's probably the surest one to get everybody singing but it would have been cool (and creative) for someone to come up with another song.
Even a medley that included PR would have been satisfying.
Maybe someone did and I missed it.
When John Lennon died the radio played Let It Be and The Long And Winding Road over and over.
Both written by Paul McCartney, by the way.
It would have been simple to find suitable Lennon compostions.
Ya think?
They're saying Prince didn't leave a will.
That's sure to be a mess.
As I said the other day, the man was too colorful to die in black and white.
There will be an aftermath of grand proportions.

Gonna get myself outta my flat for a while.
You know, before it snows again. ~


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