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About fifteen minutes ago I sat here and started typing.
As I did I began to think I probably should have gone out for a walk.
I intended to when I woke up today but the Russian Roulette aspect of the weather put me off.
It was sunny, then dark, then sunny, then it rained for a bit, then stopped.
I thought screw it, I'm not going anywhere.
But, as I typed, I started reconsidering, to the point where I abandoned and deleted what I'd typed and got up to take a shower.
In the time it took to grab a towel, etc, it's gotten dark again and I am back to and firmly holding at 'screw it!'.

I've been watching the OJ Simpson dramatization from an American source and I've already seen nine of the ten episodes in the series. I don't see how they're going to wrap things up with only one more episode.
It's very well done with, for the most part, an excellent cast.
If you actually lived thru the shock of the crime, the bizarre events leading up to Simpson's arrest, along with all the pre-trial speculation and tittilation and, then, finally, the many months of the trial itself the series simply does not convey anywhere near the scope of what took place.
They've touched on different important elements, like the jury troubles, the Mark Fuhrman tapes and all the baggage they came with, the disastrous idea to have OJ try on the gloves, etc, etc, but everyone of those things took days, sometimes weeks to unfold and work thru in real time.
And we all know where it's going. Like the Titanic saga, knowing the outcome doesn't diminish the drama as it plays out again for anyone who is interested.

Hmmmmmmm. Just had to turn a couple of lamps on.
And it's pissing down.
Not only am I not going anywhere, I'm glad I wasn't out in it when it started. ~


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