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Heading up to London (again) tonight for the Terry Wogan show in the morning.
It's always seemed to take a whole lot of time to make a quick impression in this business, hence the old adage 'It takes a long time to become an overnight success'.
Thank goodness I don't have to concern myself with all that anymore.
We have to be at the studio just before 10am to do a soundcheck.
The show is on air from 11 to 1 and I'm on sometime after noon.
I would imagine that my chat with Sir Terry and my two songs (Sylvia and A Little Bit More, as requested by the producers) should allow me about 10-12 minutes airtime.
And, all in, it will only take about 22 hours to accomplish.
This is my last bit of promo for the Hook compilation.
The album is a bit on the wane now, chart-wise, but still selling well.
As I've said, pretty f8cking fantastical to know it's done as well as it has.
I had to have a cutoff point for PR with everything else I have to do before we leave for the Aussie tour.
Two weeks from today, to be frighteningly exact.
I have another latenight list of radio/press for the tour coming up this Thursday evening.
There is a new print interview with an Australian publication posted on the website.
It's a little different because I was asked to submit my answers rather than answer questions on the phone and trust the journalist got everything I said.
One person wrote that she spoke to me from my home in Nashville. 
But, bless 'em, it can't be easy.
Anyway, the one now onsite says exxxxxxxactly what I wrote/said.
I'm sure some of you have heard a bit of it before but, in case you're interested, it's there for your perusal.

Some of you may have also seen the two festivals now listed on the tour page.
There's one in Belgium, a country I've never been to before, in August and another in Sweden, where I haven't played in quite some time, in September.
There might be one other verrrrrrry interesting and rather unusual endeavour in July, also somewhere I've never been, that I was contacted about.
It's something I really hope happens.
More when I know more...or not.
Other than those two festivasl and the one possibility that's it for me this year.
I'll have a bit of time to add some more to MixeDSiGnals and to contemplate another book of poetry and cartoons.
I'm not sure I have enough written pieces yet but I certainly have plenty of drawings.
I had a letter from a woman who told me she loved my blogs, that my writing made her feel like she was there with me, she loved the expressive songwriting and singing, bought my book and thought the poems were brilliant, but she's not too sure about my cartoons.
Couldn't give me that one, huh?
Also had a letter from another woman who told me what colors she thought I look best in and that 'it wouldn't hurt' for me to darken my hair and beard for the Australian tour.
Perhaps just a tad.

Planning my UK tour for next year.
While it's a necessity to earn money I always need a conceptual reason to tour again.
Why am I undertaking this next outing.
My last one, the Point Zero Tour, was a comment on where my life was at the time.
I assume that not everyone, but someone, is paying attention to the thread and those are the initial folks I want to reach.
In a flash of serendipity I may have been handed a concept for next year.
One that just wouldn't make sense to ignore.
Again, more when I have enough words in sequence to speak about it.

I have to go out and get a case for my new IPhone today.
I'm slowly getting my already overextended headbone around the IStuff.
After I bought them I left them in the bag the guy at the store put them in for about 3 weeks before I even took them out of their boxes and looked at them again.
I don't get excited about gadgets.
I don't regard them as toys.
I want to be able to call home, check and send email, do my blog and pay some bills online.
I'm sure the equipment I now have is vastly overqualified for what I actually need.
But, even tho I may never take a walk around the entire property, I know I'll be comfortable in the few corners I intend to frequent.
Leaving about 7pm for London.
Up early.
Funny, but whenever I have to go anywhere I get a kneejerk 'Oh my goodness! We're going to the airport and I'm not ready!' feeling.
I hate that.

Later. ~


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