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Just checking in.
Not much to report.
Merle Haggard, countey music legend, is gone.
Given the fact that he had been ill for a while, planned his own funeral and predicted the day he would go - his 79th birthday - it's certainly not a shock.
The man was one of a strong handful of artists that exemplified country music, including George Jones.
I won't go thru the list because yours is probably different.
It's a shame that artists like this became 'too country' for country radio.
Too corny.
Your grandparents' music.
You could see it happening to R&B too.
Merle was a great singer and a natural songwriter.
Might be time to get yourself a good compilation of his stuff.
Shop around, but I'd recommend Hag:The Best Of Merle Haggard (single disc) or The Very Best Of Merle Haggard (double disc set), both on EMI.
Of course there are his individual albums to consider, chock full of great songs you might never hear because they weren't 'hits'.
Looks like a pleasant enough day out there.
Been too busy to get out and walk as much as I wanted to this week.
Struggling with getting back into the gym groove.
I'll get there.
I'll have to.
Lots of physical demands in touring.
Don't wanna jump into it cold.
For today tho, a nice, brisk walk (is there any other kind?) will have to do. ~


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