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Eighteen fleeting days before Adrian and I get on a plane to Australia via Dubai.
Simon is traveling separately a day or so later and meeting us there.
I have to be there for a few days of media PR before the actual shows start.
I think I have a luggage/packing plan now so I'm left free to agonize about all the other little details of being away from home for six weeks.
I haven't had to do that in a lot of years.
It's easy to forget how foreign something so second nature can become.
Something tells me I should get a little more used to it.
For the next few years anyway.

So, the Timeless CD is #2 in my local HMV now too.
it's not the same chart as the one in Brighton either.
Andrew Ridgely's ex was #1 there, but a group named Band Of Skulls is #1 in my local shop.
I would say that I am officially old and past it when a rock act I've never heard of is number one.
Of course it's happily balanced by the fact that Hook is sitting quietly and calmly in the next slot.
I wondered if being so heavily involved in this project was gonna pull me uncomfortably closer to yesterday.
I mean when you get to a 'certain age' you wanna be here right now, not spend all your time contemplating the road behind you.
But I must say that, during the promo period, I was pleasantly surprised and moved by the welcoming reaction to the body of work and, quite frankly and humbly, to me.
I've always had a problem wanting to try and be the guy who was responsible for representing the band, Dr Hook.
Together we were a specific entity - a group of wildly varying personalities that, that thru friendship and a common bond, fused into a single consciousness.
How the f8ck can any one of us provide that on our own???
Answer: we can't.
But, I see now, aided by the passage of time, that I only have to represent myself, the music and the roll I played and obviously continue to play in it, seasoned by whatever the hell else I've learned along the way.
Because of the 'team player' mentality being in the band instilled in me I've been under the cripplingly false assumption that, as a solo performer, there was more pressure on me than there actually was.
I'm not meant to be a little bit of all of us.
I just have to be 100% me and I believe I have that covered, for better or worse.
That realization has gone a long way in calming me down (a little) about the upcoming Australian tour.
It's been quite awhile since I've been there, yes, but I'm the same silly goose I was the last two times (in thirty years!) they saw me.
If I was going back to try and convince people I'd become someone or something other than I've always been I'd have more of a reason to be skeptical about their response.
Right now all they know for sure is that I've definitely gotten older because they have too.
So much time gone by is only valuable to me if I can show them I've used it wisely.

So, it's April 1st - April Fool's Day.
However, nothing I've said in this blog was meant to be joke.
That is unless you laughed.
Then, why of course some of it was a joke!
But none of it was a fib. ~


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