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Got home about 11pm, last night, due to earlier flights being cancelled, causing us to leave about 6m, insqtead of 10am.
Since the rehearsal on Thursday it's been all forward motion, leading to the featival.
Spent Friday getting ready to go and that night in a hotel at Stansted airport.
Up at 4:45am, Saturday, for a 6am leave.
Had a bit of a panic, starting with the unbelievably long queue of traffic getting into the airport, followed by a crowd scene going thru security and capped off by the arrogantly power hungry assholes at the gate, who closed the doors early (???) and refused to let several of us on the flight, even tho all our stuff and a few band members were already onboard.
Adrian tried to explain that if they didn't let us on they would have to take all our equiptmant and bags off the flight, and that would certainly hold up the departure longer than letting us on.
As it happened Trevor and Willie somehow managed to have a word with the captain of the plane, who was the one who discovered the gate had been closed early by checking the flight log.
The pilot absolutely went ballistic on the staff that caused the problem in the first place, and, according to Willie, began screaming (yes, screaming!) at them that they were all being written up for this.
I know the gate attendants have a rough job.
They have to regularly deal with irate flyers who are late or whose flights have been cancelled and are in a foul mood.
They have to take their crap even tho the situation isn't there fault.
But, in our case, we weren't late and the flight was still just sitting there.
For some reason, after a couple of passengers were boarded, the people in our party were told 'Sorry, the gate is now closed' while we were actually standing there ready to get on.
They physically pulled the barrier shut on us and told us we weren't flying because they'd now closed the gate.
It was the only flight there was that day.
Hence the ridiculously early leave time.
The woman who seemed to be in charge literally turned her back on Adrian while he was talking to her, trying to explain, calmly, courteously and eloquently, the folly of their refusal and the toll it would take on their leave time and the show we were playing that night.
Some young fella, a jumped up dickhead in an orange vest, said 'We don't have time to listen to this. We have a plane to get off the ground!'
Once again it was rationally explained that if we weren't allowed to fly all our stuff was going to have to come off the aircraft so 'he' was getting anything off the ground anytime soon.
The word finally came down from the cockpit that they were to let us on.
We took whatever seats were left because there were people sitting in the ones we'd been assigned by now and we weren't about to delay things any further by making a fuss.
As it turned out we sat at the gate for at least another twenty minutes while the crew apologized for the late departure and guess what?.
It had nothing at all to do with is.
They were having their own technical issues.
So, a pretty tense start to what was going to be a long day, ending with a show.
Thanks to Willie and Trev, who had the presence of mind to try a little direct contact with the guy flying the plane, proving themselves to be not only brilliant players and singers but effective diplomats.
We arrived at Billund Airport about noon and boarded a coach, which took us to the hotel about 90 minutes away.
The venue was only a few minutes away from where we were staying.
It was a lovely day, the festival ground was packed with about 4,000 people.
The stage was an amphitheatre of sorts, rather than a purpose built platform.
There was LOTS of drinking, resulting in mucho singing and dancing.
I planned a set full of hits and good time material.
No place for subtleties at an outdoor festival.
The setlist was:
Walk Right In
Only 16
Better Love Next Time
Sexy Eyes
When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
If I Had A Nickel
The Millionaire
Queen Of The Silver Dollar
If Not You
A Little Bit More
What A Way To Go
Cover Of Rolling Stone
Sylvia's Mother
Baby Makes Her Blues Jean Talk (encore)
There were some people shouting for Lucy Jordan and, believe it or not, Shine Son, but there was no time to do any other songs.
This show was a new experience for me because I used inner ear monitors for the very first time.
We have no speakers or monitor cabinets onstage anymore.
There were a few things that weren't perfect but that was due to the fact that there are no real sound checks at festivals.
Simon just checked the relative levels and balances, the players did the same - all thru earpieces - and we went on and played.
There were instruments and vocals I would have liked to hear more of, some less, but that will all be sorted at the next rehearsal on October 1st and tweaked daily at sound checks.
It's hard to explain the difference but it's marvelous to be able to sing and play softly and hear everything so clearly.
When you do a tour you deal with a different set of acoustic issies every venue.
With inner ear monitoring, once you get it right you can take that sound with you everywhere.
It's like playing in the same great room every night with new people in it.
It will save a lot of wear and tear on my ears and voice.
That comes in handy when there are lots of consecutive show nights.
Adrian and I leave for Australia on October 8th.
We'll have a couple of days to adjust to the time change and then a couple of whole PR days before our first show in Hobart, Tasmania on the 14th (I hope that's correct).

No gym today.
I'm going to take a walk, have a cup or two of tea and read.
I owe it to myself.

Got to meet the guys in The Searchers and take a few pics.
There is one of me and the legendary John MacNally, the original lead guitarist and vocalist for the band.
It's always a kick for me to meet the people that made me want to be in the same business as they were.
I've tweeted the photo, so you can probably see it on the Twitter bit of my FB page but it will also end up on the FB page itself.
Speaking of photos, Sam and Claire were at the show, anxious to hear the new band (I'm gonna say they were impressed!) and many photos were taken.
Look for them to start showing up on the website and elsewhere soon.
So, eight weeks until OZ.
But, for right now, I'm gonna try to maintain some kind of a routine at the gym, maybe write a little (I'm talking about songs now) and, generally, keep well and fit until the onslaught.

More when it warrants your attention. ~


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