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We left London for Bergen on Thursday night at 8:45pm.
Arrived Bergen airport at 11:45, local time.
Collected our luggage and got to the hotel about an hour later.
We had a 5am lobby call and an early flight to Molde in the morning.
We always travel as early as we can on a gig day in case there are delays for one reason or another.
There was a bit of a coach journey to the hotel and another to the venue site so we didn't have much time at the hotel before leaving for the gig.
We played the North Sea Festival at 9:30pm.
Great crowd, festival atmosphere and we had a 90 minute set to give them our best.
Nice to leave them happy.
By the time we got offstage and back to the hotel it was 1am.
Another 5am lobby call.
This time for two flights - one to Oslo and another back to Bergen with a 30 minute layover and a run to the next plane.
They lost two of our pieces of guitar equipment between flights.
They didn't make the last one they said.
We weren't.
We waited so long to find anything out that they actually came in on the next flight while we were still at the airport.
From there it was another lenghty coach journey to the Paorama Resort.
In order to get time for a soundcheck we had to be there by 3pm so we only had just over an hour at the hotel.
We didn't play until just after 9pm, so there were several hours of hanging around before showtime.
We were very well looked after by the staff of the resort however.
The place was full and everyone seemed very pleased at the end of the 90 minutes we were allotted to strut our stuff!
After the show we took some photos with them and were on our way back to the hotel,, arriving after 1am.
One more 5am lobby call for our flight home.
I have to say here what a wonderful bunch of people I travel with, band and crew.
The pace was grueling from start to finish but their positive attitudes and professionalism was staggering and heartwarming.
And so appreciated!!
We laughed an awful lot in the course of those 4 days, mostly out of sheer exhaustion and giddiness, not to mention the absurdity if it all.
But, nevertheless, we made it thru all the better for it.
This couple of weeks rest is welcomed and necessary given the rest of this year's schedule.
Sorry it took so long to post this entry.
I needed some time to look back on it. ~


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