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Today would have been my mother's 87th birthday.
I have already lived five years longer than she did.
I have to be honest, I can't imagine my mother at 87.
She was youthful, with naturally jet black hair until the end.
She was proud that she never had to dye it.
I must get it from her because my hair is still the color it's always been, if a bit mousier.
I've missed her.
It's also LeRoy Preston's birthday.
LeRoy and I wrote Dance On Daddy's Feet, The Right To Walk Away, If All It Takes Is Time and several orher of my favorite collaborations.
I loved writing with LeRoy because even if we didn't come up with anything we still spent the day, talking and drinking tea.
He moved from Nashville back to New England a few years before I relocated here in Old England.
We're the same age.
Miss him too, but there's always a chance I might see him again.
Unlike Ruthie.
Life, huh?

Lousy day today.
Pissing down.
My flat is as dark as midnight.
Gonna go to the gym in a few hours.
I tried going later in the afternoon on Tuesday and I think I may like it better.
It gives me the early part of the day to do what I need to do.
That could very well be nothing.

Did my first pre-tour phone interview with Australia last night.
Just a quick pre-recorded with John Dean at Cruise 1323, Adelaide.
I've spoken to John before so it wasn't like starting at square one.
Needless to say there is a distinct Dr Hook slant to the questions on this tour, as there were in NZ.
It's fine with me.
I remember everything.
Not sure when it will air.
They are gonna start coming in next week, between midnight and 2-3am.
Thank goodness for my weird sleep habits.

Nice feedback from the festival last weekend.
The show went by so quickly.
Would be great to go back with the band and give them the whole deal.
Seems like possibility.
OK, that's it from me.
Just because I haven't mentioned anything past Oz doesn't mean we aren't working on it.
Stay dry. ~


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