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Another grey day out there.
It hasn't rained yet but I'll bet it does.
It dribbled and pissed all day yesterday until about 4pm when the sun came out and it got hot as hell for awhile there.
That might have been summer, folks.
Hope everyone got a bit of it.

Hoping to have a quiet weekend after a rather business filled week.
Lots to consider these days.
Some of it is a pain in the ass for an old hippie like me.
i've always just wanted to sing and let others worry about the business.
I carried on like that long enough for there to be almost no business left.
So, now it's all 'in house' and, while it can be a chore, it's much less stressful than waiting to be given the usually sorry state of affairs and accompanying 'bad news'.
Like I suggested in my last entry, it may sometimes seem like there is nothing going on but, rest assured, there are constant outside talks and internal discussions about the future.
There are so many facets to it all that it makes me wonder what I wasn't told in the past.
I can't wait until I can stop being guarded and give everyone some information.
Until then, Australia looms large and is coming up fast.
After that?

So, it's curtains down and stage lights blacked
It's time to change the set
Get ready for the second act
The show ain't over yet!

Count on it!!! ~


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