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There is an annual event going on in town this weekend called The Birdman Competition.
It's basically a bunch of folks who have put together various homemade contraptions that they claim/hope will fly.
They test these inventions by jumping off the end of the pier, invariably landing in the ocean.
That spectacle and the fact that the weather looks pretty good will make for a seaside town teeming with people.
After my urban upbringing I'm still amazed that I wound up in such a comparatively quaint surrounding, but glad I did.
I'm sure I can find a quiet corner to sit and read.
If not, the walk will do me good.
Always does.
I think I've figured out the best way to go about my gym routine and that's by going in the early evenings, around dinner time.
Doesn't seem very crowded at that time and, as I said the other day, it still gives me the day to play with.
Only about 7 weeks before Australia.
I used to be able to pull myself together in a week or two when I was younger, but no sense in going down the ever growing list of diminishing possibilities.
I can still do the dance, it just takes different muscles and disciplines these days.
Someday I'll wish I could still do a lot of what I can do now, so there's my logic in doing it the best I can while I can.
Have a nice weekend, folks.
Things are quietly, but positively rolling forward. ~


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