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This time next week, Adrian, Simon and I will be on a plane to Belgium, the scene of the first of two festivals we have coming up.
Can't recall playing in Belgium.
There could have been a Hook show there a million years ago, in our whirlwind, running around the world days, but I don't believe so.
I know I've never been there as a solo act.
Given that and the fact that the theme of this particular fest is 70s and 80s retro and the promoter said they'd want the 'hits', I'm wondering just what the popular songs in that country were. 
I think I have a 70 minute slot on Sunday with UB40 being the headliner.
I know that whatever I plan to play will be subject to change once I'm up on the stage.
After that show we have one more festival in Sweden at the beginning of September and the Art Souffle festival at the end of that month.
Looks like I'll have nearly 30 cartoons to display at that one.
That will be something brand new for me.
Thinking about trying to find an actual gallery at which to display my stuff.
Perhaps that connection can be made at the festival itself.
Been looking at the poems that I've posted on my blog since Whatever's Burning Now was published.
Not sure I have enough for another book yet.
But that's also on my mind.
If the music business is going to crumble away under my feet I'm gonna need other pursuits to keep me busy.
When the commercial food supply dries up you have no choice but to forage and sustain yourself on bugs and berries from the forest.
You might even discover it suits you.

Meanwhile, we're still working away on next year's schedule.
It's actually coming together nicely, but ssssssshhhhhhhhh.

I'm hesistant to talk about anything that is still up in the air for fear of having to take it back.
You know how much I hate doing that!
I've come to the vivid, 3D realization that there are things in my life that I'm going to have to let go of.
Mostly elements that have been in my life for a long time.
Some will be sad to lose, even tho necessary, and others will be a relief to be done with.

That includes a few people.
I can no longer give them the benefit of the doubt or wait for them to 'come thru'.
And, from previous experience, there is every possibility that they're not anywhere near as concerned about it as I am, so NEXT!
You can't go back.
Painful as it is, the only way is forward.
Or, maybe, what's really needed is a sharp, sudden turn down a sidestreet.
"Turn off the SatNav, Columbus! You know where you're going!"
When I was younger, I used to believe that if I committed to something (or someone) it was my duty to suffer thru, possibly forever, no matter how bad a decision I realized I'd made.
My philosophy these days is much like the rules of Jenga - the game where you build a structure and then, carefully pull pieces out, hoping it won't collapse.
If it seems that I've become the problem I simply remove myself from the game.
If the rest of the pieces remain standing, despite my exclusion, than I know I wasn't that crucial to the structure.
But, if my absence causes it all to come crashing down then so be it.
I won't be around to hear it fall.
As the line in You, Yourself and I (from Post Cool) goes "I'd rather having nothing to carry than something to show",
That song has turned out to be quite prophetic
This attitude has come with age.
I don't have time to negotiate with assholes.
Or stand on principle with unprincipled people.
Whoever or wherever.
Or however.
What was that movie where the rock climber gets his arm stuck and has to cut it off with his utility knife in order to get the rest of his silly, adventurous ass home?
Like that.

Sunny day today.
Well, for the moment anyway.
If I take a shower, iron a shirt and attempt to go out it could rain buckets.
You didn't know my daily routine can affect changes in the atmosphere, did you?
Or that I take the weather personally.

OK, friends.
That's it for now.
Me and Jimmy Cliff.
Sitting here in limbo. ~


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