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It's 11:20pm.
In about 40 minutes I will begin a string of Australian interviews.
Some radio, some press.
They should run until just before 2am.
All in a effort to accommodate the time change.
I have three interviews to do beginning at 7am, Wednesday morning!
Those will seem muuuuuuch odder than the middle of the night ones.
The Aussie Timeless Tour is feeling real now.
When we still had the Danish festival to do it seemed like the tour was aaaaafter that.
My big personal goal this time is to not overpack.
I have taken more than I needed for both the 2014 Australian solo tour and the NZ Timeless tour.
I did better in NZ and I think I can streamline even more for the next trip.
It just takes routine.
I lived more time on the road than off when I was with Hook.
We did lots of shows and plenty of TV and could be required to be camera worthy in minutes, depending on where were were, and I never ran out of clothes.
It's an art.
It'a science.
It's a pain in the ass.

OK, I have about 15 minutes to make a cup of tea and look at tonight's list of victims.
I like doing interviews, by the way.
I find it very cool that people around the world want to talk to me.
I'm a guy from New Jersey.
I might still be there.
With no one to talk to.
Luck of the draw. ~



Posts: 2,082
Done and dusted!
Two radio, three print interviews.
Everyone I talked to seemed excited about the tour.
Bet they're not as pumped as I am.
And now the quiet comes. ~


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