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Up early for afternoon interviews with Perth, Brisbane and Hobart.
Talked to my best friend, McCloskey until after 3am and managed to get into bed about 4:50 until the alarm went off at 6.
I'm sucking down strong breakfast tea as fast as I can.
My phone should ring in a minute or two.
I'll do this entry between chats.
First one is at 7.

Well, the 7 o'clock one ended at 7:15 so the operator called the next station, scheduled for 7:30, and asked if they wanted to do their chat a bit sooner and they were happy to.
That lasted about 20 minutes or so, so the operator contacted the next fella, a journalist, a little earlier than planned and we carried on.
So I managed to do the first three without a break and I'm waiting for the last one to call in a few minutes.
I'm pleased to hear everyone sounding so upbeat about my return to Australia.
I know they're all professional people and it's their 'job' to sound like that, but I've done this long enough to be able to detect genuine enthusiasm.
I'd like to think that's what I get because that's what I give.
The phone should ring momentarily so I'm gonna go make one more mug of tea to propel me thru.
As I mentioned, there is an operator who makes all the calls and gets everyone together on the line.
It's very organized and and helps things run smoothly and on time.

Ok, the last interview is done and all went well.
And it's only 8:30 in the morning.
I have to get a couple of photo booth pics taken today for my Australian visa.
Guess I'll go out and do that in a bit.

The radio stations I recorded chats with are 6PR in Perth for the Weekend Wakeup show and ABC Queensland Statewide which goes to five different stations across the state.
I think they're both supposed to be on air this weekend.
Let me know if you hear anything.

That's it from me for now. ~


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