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Once again I'm posting with not much to say.
I won't complain about how quiet things have been since I returned from Australia.
I've said it before but my life is either full ON or pretty much OFF.
That's not to say nothing has been happening.
It has.
Just quietly.
Still working on 2015's touring schedule.
We now have a plan.
Somewhere to start.
Of course life could intervene and change everything but it has to change from something to something else.
Not nothing to whatever.
So we have that 'something' and now we see.
Not being coy by not revealing any of it.
Just learned several years back that it's tougher to take news back than it is to wait to give it.
Going to see 'Epstein' this weekend, a reportedly brilliant two actor production about the life of Beatles manager, Brian Epstein.
One actor plays BE and the other plays everyone else.
Should be interesting to say the least.
The play originated in Liverpool (big surprise, huh?) but has now moved to a small theatre in London with the idea that it may go to a bigger venue if it goes over well.
Got the new Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers CD, Hynotic Eye.
You can say what you want about Petty and his bunch.
You can compare what they've done in the past to what they do now, but, all in all, this is still a great band!
I witnessed it last year and was absolutely blown away.
I see HMV has a new category titled Did You Prefer Their Early Stuff? where they display older material by established artists.
I get what they're trying to do but they might have presented it with a bit more diplomacy, no?
Rather than Do You Think They Suck Now?
Aaaah, it's probably just me.
I take this business far more seriously than it warrants these days.
I did a new cartoon a few nights ago with the caption "I wanted to be a rockstar, but my lack of ability got in the way. A poor excuse these days!"
Speaking of cartoons, I'm trying to decide which ones to display at the art festival in September.
I have a few originals from my book and a bunch of new drawings.
I'm waiting to see how much space I'll be given.
Looks like the sun has come out so I'm going to see if I can get ready and go out before it changes it's mind.
Enjoy your weekend, folks.
I'll let you know how the play was.

Later. ~


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