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The band convened at the rehearsal studio atb10am, without me, set up and ran thru the whole first half of the show.
We're working in a new drummer for the first part of the tour because our regular drummer, Accy Yeats, is having a baby in October and that is where he needs to be for awhile.
Accy will join us again somewhere along the line but we have a fabulous replacement in Ali Van Ryne.
That position in the band is crucial.
The wrong drummer can break a band for me.
Wouldn't even have to be an inferior player.
Just the wrong one for the situation.
Aly was recommended and briefed by Accy himself so I knew he'd be more than right.
I'm a lucky sonofabitch in that I now have two solid guys to fill that seat as the occasion may arise, tho Accy remains first chair.
I may as well name the other members of the group right here.
They are Damien Cooper on guitars and vocals, Willie Dowling on keys and vocals, John Clifford Cox on bass and vocals, Michelle Cordelli on vocals and our musical director, John Maher on guitars, keys and vocals.
I arrived about 5pm and we worked until 10, running over the second half of the show with a dinner break somewhere in the middle and did a short vocal run thru of a song or two before we called it a night.
Next day we were all there at 10am.
We started with a vocal rehearsal and then ran thru specific parts of certain songs to tighten them up.
After lunch we played as much of the whole show as we could before it came time for the band and crew to pack up the gear and leave the premises.
Aly never missed a single beat for the whole two days.
The man did his homework and executed what he'd learned perfectly!
I got home about midnight, tired, but feeling like we'd be ready for the downbeat in Kings Lynn on September 23rd.
You may have seen several photos taken at rehearsal or a very quick snippet of one of the vocal rehearsals on our website.
More and more of that kind of stuff will be showing up in the lead up to and during the tour.
DR HOOK has a wonderful organizaio of people on the road, from the band to the production team and crew so this tour will be an efficiently run and professionally presented fucking BLAST!
Adrian Basketfield is still overseeing virtually everything and Simon Woods-Tucker is once again doing sound and production work.
We also welcome our good friend Graham Clough back to the bunch.
Graham is a really lovely person to be around as well as a brilliant stage tech and production assistant and has worked with us on past tours.
There are a few others that I will mention as they come into play.
Like I said, a great, great team.

Lots of things to do before the tour.
Back to the gym for one.
Had a few false starts there but it's time to get serious now.
The road is not for pussies.
It's really not. ~


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