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Last night's interviews went well.
More genuine enthusiasm from radio presenters and journalists alike.
Nice to hear.
Dr Hook questions abound but I'm so much readier, more willing and better equipped to deal with all of that these days.
I guess it's because there has been so many other things to occupy my mind and time, post-HOOK, that it's almost refreshing to be able to give answers which are informed by the distance between the past and now and everything I've learned since.
I remember telling Rolling Stone, in the article that accompanied our cover, that the worse thing about getting so much attention at that point was that I was a kid, not long out of school and certainly new to the music business, and I didn't feel I had anything much to say yet.
Pretty mature thinking for a young punk, if I do say so myself.
Nice day today.
Have a few errands to run, a cup of tea with a mate and then it's gym time. ~


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