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Trying to get some things done via email but at this time of year you tend to recv quite a few automated OUT OF OFFICE replies.
You may decide to actually call rather than email tho you can most likely expect to hear their 'Your call is important to us...' recording, right before you're placed in a long queue of other people who are equally as important to them and many of them are way ahead of you.
If you stay on the line long enough you will hear that condesending, apologetic assertion several times before you get to speak to anyone.
Why do they need me to believe I'm special to them?
If I really was they'd have an operator there specifically waiting to take my call.
Wouldn't they?
And sure, most calls are in their best interest to eventually deal with but it becomes abundantly clear that the issue is gonna have to be more important to you than the device that is counting you and all the other important people down, inching you all, in sequence, closer to human contact, even if it is with someone reading a script and globally positioned a million miles away from anywhere relevant or sympathetic to your concerns.

Was gonna go out for a walk today.
I sorely need to.
This past week's activities and weather have pretty much kept me indoors.
It's still rather blowy and could piss down at any minute.
I got ready to go out three times yesterday and each time I did the skies opened and the rain was hitting my windows like I was on a ship in the middle of a squall.
Finally gave up and went food shopping.
Not exactly an outdoor activity unless you count the trip to bring the trolley back.
What a fucking racket!
They've worked it to where you have to do their job or forfeit a pound coin.

Well, if I am even going to entertain getting out of my flat today I'd better make a move.
The tour continues to do well with some sellouts and several on their way to being sold already.
Thanks to everyone that has bought or will buy tickets.
The band and I are really looking forward to the shows. ~


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