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I'm not sure exactly why but we're leaving at about 7:30 this morning for a 10:15am flight.
We'll arrive at an airport hotel in Brussels a little before 1pm and sit there until 3pm the next day when we go to the festival site.
My favorite.
While it's true that you never want to risk traveling on a gig day if you don't have to because anything can happen but this is a touch of overkill I'd say.
Actually, there were a few hours today when it was up in the air whether we were going at all.
I won't go into it.
It was business.
Been a shit week for business all around.
Anyway, it's on and I'm (almost) gone!
More when there is more. ~



Posts: 2,082
Well, we made it to Bree, the town where the festival is.
It pissed down all the way here from the airport and we were told it has been and will continue throughout the weekend.
The acts are in a tent so it should be fine.
I suppose.
I'd forgotten how European hotels are.
I have two tiny single beds in my room, each about two ironing boards wide.
The pillows are flat and, even three together, aren't thick or billowy.
There is no kettle in the room (how do they live without one?).
But this is home until about 3pm tomorrow.
I had a tough time translating the room service menu so I resorted to a cheeseburger and fries with a bowl of soup.
The burger was chewy and the fries were rather tasteless.
The soup was tomato based with little meatballs in it that reminded me a bit of dogfood.
Oh well, I'm tired and probably won't eat again until tomorrow.
My alarm didn't go off this morning.
I opened my eyes and looked at the clock about 40 minutes before we were due to leave.
Holy shit!
I was in the shower before I was awake.
My adrenalin carried me thru the trip to the airport and the flight here.
But now I'm completely shattered and trying not to fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon.
I'm gonna have to be pretty tired to sleep in this tiny bed.
There is nothing on TV but a 1965 Jerry Lewis movie called The Family Jewels.
Jerry plays a host of different characters but all with kind of the same wacky persona.
Not a great film, to say the least.
I'll probably read.
So now you know. I'm here.
Back in a black and white iPad world, as far as type goes.
More later, perhaps, if anything warrants it. ~


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