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You know what would have been nice?
If I could have had a cup of tea as soon as I got up this morning.
But, as I said, there is no kettle in the room and when I called down to see if they'd send some up to me the guy at reception snapped 'I don't have time to come to your room and the restaurant is closed. You must go the bar if you want tea.'
Charming, huh?
So I had to shower, get dressed and go downstairs.
It made no sense at all.
That's when I found out the cradle that the shower head sits in is broken so I basically had a handheld thingy to contend with.
It's a good thing I still love what I do because the extraneous shit that surrounds my gig is frustrating as hell.
I know it's probably because I'm a crotchety old fuck who hates to be inconvenienced these days but there it is and there I am.
I didn't sleep well at all.
That burger I took a few bites of and put out in the hallway made me sick to my stomach most of the night.
I'm still not sure what to play tonight and probably won't until I'm up there.
Hook never played Belgium and I'm sure The True Voice of...won't mean jack shit to anybody.
I seriously doubt they'll know that Lazy Day or Guess Again weren't on Hook albums.
We couldn't sell merchandise here so the opportunity to educate anyone is lost.
Looks like I'll have to wing it somewhat. Simon is always invaluable to me but, in cases like this, even more so.
He'll be familiar with anything I spontaneously decide to play.
The other international acts on the bill are Slade (really???), Chris Thomas and the headliner, UB40.
Heaven knows how many of the original members will actually be in those bands but I doubt anybody cares anymore.
As long as they hear songs they recognize the strange faces doing them will be irrelevant.
Maybe that will work in my favor, but it still sucks.
I don't know another business like it.
Can you imagine if you went to a Robert DeNiro film and found out it he wasn't in it?
'Oh no, he's not him anymore but the guy playing him is pretty good.'
F*********ck off!
It's so weird.

We're off to an airport hotel right after the show.
I'm already hoping they have food there. Haven't eaten since Friday evening.
No, those few bites of rubber cheeseburger and plastic fries definitely didn't count.
We leave here in two hours.
Wish me luck, altho it's probably not all I'll need.
P.S. Thanks to the folks who suggested places I should try to visit while I'm here but I doubt it's even gonna feel like I was in Belgium and it's up for grabs whether I'll be back. ~



Posts: 2,082
Bree, Belgium Festival   At the airport hotel.
Not feeling very well. I tried to eat a little after the show but everything they had at the gig was either fried or covered in cream sauce whether it was chicken, pork or seafood.
I choked a few bites down but all it did was make me queasy with a sour stomach.
I really could do without this right now.
I need to sleep tonight but it looks sketchy at best.
The gig was very strange.
Like most festivals with lots of acts we didn't get to do a soundcheck.
Didn't hear a note I sang or played which is always a drag but at least I knew Simon was out there making sure everyone else did.
I'm gonna wait until I get home tomorrow to give you a more detailed rundown.
Right now I need to chill and try to rest/sleep.
We leave here at airport shuttle at 7:15am. Later then. ~


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