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Interviews again last night.
Not too late tho.
Lasted until just after 1am.
Two 'live' on air, one print and, I believe, one recorded for a digital internet entertainment network.
No early morning ones this week and by that I mean 7am.
They are mostly undertaken during those hours that 'only crazy people are awake', according to what my mother used to tell me.
My mom would be pushing 90 if she were still here.
Part of my heart wishes she was so I could get her thoughts on the world in general.
But, there is also the part that knows what she would be thinking about the state of affairs and is pretty sure she wouldn't enjoy having to see or deal with much of it.

Well, they said the weather was gonna suck this week and it has, but, cruelly, keeps clearing up for short periods of time, giving false hope to those of us that want to believe we shouldn't have to wear all our clothes everywhere we go.
I hate layers.
A t-shirt under a shirt covered by a jacket is too cumbersome.
Perfect for the UK conditions I suppose but I will suffer thru for the sake of being able to move my arms.
I've tried playing in a jacket but always have had to remove it somewhere during the show.
It's like being strangled.

Just had a phone call from someone saying she'd heard I was recently in a car accident that wasn't my fault.
Who, do you suppose, would have told her that?
But, yes, she is correct inasmuch as it would be extremely difficult for a collision to be my fault because I DON'T DRIVE and never have.
I guess these people are paid to ring random numbers and hope they stumble across some poor bastard to whom their sales pitch applies.
Still it seems a fruitless task for the most part.
A long shot at best.
"Hello, I've been told you've recently swallowed a live budgie in a pet shop mishap...is that right?'
And, hallelujah, adter hundereds of hangups, someone finally says 'Why, yes! I was just sitting here coughing up feathers and wondering who to contact!'
Anyway, my response was 'Uuuuuuuuh, 'bye.'

I really want to go out for a walk but it's pissing down.
Rain is hitting the window as if I'm on a ship in the middle of a stormy sea.
Oh, well.
I have a couple of interviews to do where I'm required to answer a list of written questions and send them in.
Things like 'The last time I cried was...' and 'My most embarrassing moment was...' and 'I'm obsessed by...'
Perhaps I should answer that last one with 'answering written interview questions' and just go on and on and on about it.

That's it from me for now.
More whenever. ~


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