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I have gone in to my bank twice in the last month, trying to get a simple thing done regarding my account.
The first time I sat with a woman who went over the papers with me and told me where to sign.
She said that was all that needed to be done.
About two weeks later I got a letter from the bank saying I neglected to fill in something or other.
Really? I did?
Uuuuh, OK.
So I went back into the branch last week and explained that I'd done this once already.
I recv'd an apology and sat, once again, with a different officer of the bank, and was told where to sign and that it was all I needed to do.
Got a letter from them today saying I neglected to sign page two and yadda yadda.
I neglected to do that?
It's not as if I did any of this without guidance.
I spent an hour on the phone today - 30 minutes with the department that deals with my particular issue and 30 minutes on hold with the complaint department - and I think Ibhave it straight now.
I think.
I am not the kind of guy who tends to call and file a complaint, mostly because I suspect, in many cases, they take a bunch of information down over the phone and throw it straight in the bin as soon as your call disconnects.
But I reckoned this was just sheer silliness so I endured their annoying theme music for what seemed like an awfully long time (accent of 'awfully') in order to speak to someone about it.
I was 'compensated' for the time I spent going into the bank and on the phone with a token figure of £39, which is supposed to be put into my account.
£9 was for the hour phonecall, charged at 15p a minute.
I haven't tallied that up and I'm not going to.
I didn't call for any reason other than to report that two different bank officials at my branch didn't know how to fill out a simple form.
Watch me have to call back in a few days and ask where my £39 is!
Relative to professional incompetency I also have heard some troubling stories from friends who saw their doctors about a problem they were having and were misdiagnosed, causing stress and worry, only to find out later that it was all a mistake and, basically, they were fine.
This has happened to me a few times in my own life.
It doesn't instill confidence in the medical profession, nor does it inspire one to run to the doctor with questions unless something has actually fallen off your body or there is serious pain involved.
OK, I'm done now.
Certainly don't want to be up on a soapbox for too long and risk slipping off and hurting myself, now do I?

Another completely lousy day out there.
I keep thinking I should suck it up and go for a walk but can't quite see the point.
I have not gone to the gym after Monday, but I'll be fine.
I won't be a bit less fit or a day younger by the time I get back there.
Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Went to see Trainwreck, written by and starring Amy Schumer.
I'd heard good things but have been disappointed by great reviews before.
In this case, it was very funny and worth seeing.
Miss Schumer is a talented young lady with a light behind her eyes, much like Robin Williams had.
There's a depth beneath her humour.

I should just relax and read but I feel unsettled because my lack of activity is not by choice.
Hope everyone is warm and dry.
Jeez, that doesn't seem like something you should have to be concerened with in August, does it?
Sigh. ~


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