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Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this particular show.
I won't go into the surrounding circumstances again.
It was what it was.
The show was a strange one for me.
On just before me was a group called Night Fever.
If you can't guess they were a Bee Gees tribute act.
They did exactly what you'd expect them to do and left the grounds in a helicopter.
Oooooooooh, missus!

The act after me was a Rammstein tribute act that I can't recall the name of.
(You'll have to Google to find out who Rammstein is/was.)
Their set featured lots of loud pounding, violent bashing and screaming and several multiple explosions that scared the shit out of everyone.
The guys in Slade, who were on the schedule after them, said they wished I'd go on again before them so they wouldn't have to follow that.
I told them they were gonna sound like a folk act compared to them.
Then there was me and my guitar(s) in the middle of it all.
I played for an hour.
I included a couple of my solo things like Guess Again and This Guitar, but the rest was the Hook stuff they'd hired me to play.
It occurred to me that my billing - The True Voice Of Dr Hook - probably had some people thinking I was another tribute act only without all the bells and whistles.
We left as World War III was roaring to a close and headed to the airport.
I imagined them leaving the venue in a fully armed tank.
I can't really say much about how it felt onstage because I didn't hear myself at all and wasn't sure how I'd done.
The crowd response was good and the promoter talked to Adrian about a huge festival in 2015 so I guess I didn't suck.

Of course me having a band was mentioned for that one.
We'll see if I have a band by then.
So, a long weekend and a short set pretty much encapsulates it.
I felt a little ropey when I woke up at 6:20am, Monday, but was feeling a lot better by the time we landed at Gatwick.
Maybe because we landed at Gatwick.
So there you have it, folks.
Next stop Sweden, on the weekend of the 4th. ~


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