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I have recv'd quite a few email from people asking why my 'world tour' has not yet come to the country where they live.
One woman actually asked what I 'have against' playing in the US!!!
It's a world tour, folks!
It only began several months ago in New Zealand.
It could take a couple of years to accomplish.
Can't be everywhere at once.
It's called the Timeless World Tour and, so far, we have gone where that set has been released.
We are in discussion with other territories, but, until something is solid, there can be no details.
And certainly no speculation.
If plans were to fall thru the same people would email and say 'Hey, I thought you said you were coming here!!!'
Let's look at it logically.
I haven't toured the UK yet either and the Timeless CD was in the top ten here.
Not to mention that this is where I live.
We're doing all we can.
I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and desire to see the show but there is no need to come across all defensive.
If it works out I will happily take this band anywhere and everywhere.

Sun's finally out around here.
Better get my ass out in it before it's gone again.
I swear it just got a little darker as I typed that! ~


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