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Morning (sort of).
Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday.
Even I, who usually have no concept of what day it is, can tell it's a weekend.
Nice the sun has chosen to join/taunt us for a bit.

I trust everyone loves the new website design and layout.
Sam has been working tirelessly to update and restructure in order to make it more user friendly (on all devices!) as well as a more efficient business tool.
The trick is to keep everyone happy.
Ever try doing that?!?
It's a bitch!

Lots of phone interviews for Australia this time.
They're usually plentiful, but, given the fact I was only there in 2014, and also for a couple of days after the NZ tour, it's very cool that so many people want to talk to me...again, it's very flattering, indeed.
Many of these radio interviews end with an invitation to pop in with my guitar when I'm on Aussie soil.
I'd love to take everyone up on it but I can never promise.
It's all down to the schedule.
Last time I looked it was kind of like the one I had in 2014 on the 'Dr Hook and Beyond' solo tour.
Lots of shows with mucho travel in between.
There are fewer shows this year because we're playing some bigger places but the traveling is still strenuous and time consuming, especially with ten or more in the touring party as opposed to the four we had on the 'Beyond' trip.
Anyway, I'm sure I will be visiting certain of those welcoming stations along the arduous way.

Been listening to an American artist named Jason Isbell.
He was with the Driveby Truckers for awhile, then started his own group, The 400 Unit.
He js now recording under his own name.
What got my attention is that everyone talks about the guy's songwriting as much or more than anything.
These days, I hear things that, while I can tell they're well written and intelligent, don't speak to or inform me.
This is usually only because of the age difference between the writer and myself.
They may be writing about experiences and emotions that are new to them and their audience that are not all that new to me.
I can vouch for the authenticity of what is being conveyed, but I don't necessarily 'learn' anything from the message.
Jason Isbell is a young man.
Probably in his early 30s.
His writing speaks to everyone.
He is worldly beyonds his years.
II would imagine it's a lot like the way Shel's songs made me sound when I was only in my 20s.
Like "How the hell does this young punk know all this stuff?!?"
The cool thing was that, tho I wasn't old enough to have lived thru many of the things Shel's songs spoke about, I was somehow old enough to understand them.
And Shel got that.
It was why I ended up performing his one man play in NYC some years later.
He reckoned I understood him.
And being understood is what a communicator like Shel thrived on.
You always felt smarter after hearing some of Shel's work.
Sometimes you learned something new and other times his words just confirmed something you'd known all along.
Anyway, check out Jason Isbell if you're looking for something to really listen to.
It ain't exercise or housework music.
It's storytelling.

OK. I have a couple of calls to make, a shower to take and a walk into town if the sun gives me a break.



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