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Gearing up for the Danish Festival next weekend.
Looking forward to revisting a country where I spent so much time, but haven't been back to for a lot of years.
Of course, when I say 'gearing up', right now I mean thinking about what shirt to wear and what to pack for the three days and two nights we'll be away.
We have a band rehearsal on Thursday, a night back at home, Friday night in London for an early flight to Denmark the next day.
We play that night and leave the next morning.
A mini-tour of sorts, with all the rushing and waiting that entails.
The few days leading up to the festival will be just gym days, really.
Very frustrating because no matter how hard I work at it I never seem to leave the place a single minute younger.
A bit lighter, trimmer, perhaps, feeling less toxic for having sweat.
But younger?
After Denmark, everything points to Australia.

Nice day today.
Looks like it will be a bit of grocery shopping and a bite out.
I have a pretty simple life most of the time.
It's a nice counterpoint to when it all gets nuts for a while.
It was the total opposite with Hook.
Insanity with short bursts of home life.
But when you're moving that fast your brain is always idling high.
You never really wind down.
I used to go home, take my dirty clothes out of my suitcase, wash them and put them back into the case, which was usually somewhere near the front door.
These days, even tho there is always something to consider, discuss or wrestle with, I can switch off to the 'man in transit' part of it all.
I wouldn't want to do it the old way so it's nice we're finding livable alternatives.
Looking at proofs of the reprint of Whatever's Burning Now.
It will be very cool to have the first two albums (Retrospection) and my book all under the Post Cool umbrella.
Oh, a quick note.
For the past couple of days there has been a link on our home page, reading Important Tour News, that we found wasn't working.
Hope that didn't drive anyone crazy.
It's working now.
You already know what I'm doing.
The link is more to let everyone know what I'm definitely NOT doing.

I've tweeted several of my solo tracks in the last week.
Twitter covers just about all types, of varying interests and geographical locations.
Figure I may as well seed the clouds and watch the sky for signs of rain.

OK, folks.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Or, if you're reading this later, so sorry it's Monday.
Hope the last two days were sufficient in replenishing your will to go on.
Sorry I couldn't be more generally specific.
Has any history quiz ever asked a question like "On what day of the week was the Declaration Of Independence signed?".


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