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It's been an interesting weekend.
Some great, some not so wonderful.
Our trip began on Thursday, from London to Oslo airport.
We boarded our flight, scheduled to leave at 7, and sat on the plane until sometime after 8 with no real explanation before finally taking off.
We arrived about 11pm, Norge time.
Waited two hours at baggage claim while they tried to find a few of our bags including a bass guitar and some electronic guitar equipment.
At about 1am they told us the gear had not made it onto our flight but they would track it down and deliver it to us.
Not quite as fluid a motion as it seemed as we had a 4 hour coach trip to where we were playing the following night.
We had no choice but to get on our way.
It was pissing down and we had to walk about 200 yards to our transportation.
Everyone desperately tryied to stay as dry as possible so we wouldn't have to sit on the coach for 4hours, soaking wet.
We arrived at the hotel in Treungen about 5:15am only to be told that there were no rooms for us.
Apparently they thought we were getting in later that day and our accommodations would not be ready until 'about noon'.
Not what we wanted to hear.
The nice rooms that were meant to be ours up on the 3rd floor were occupied so they gave us whatever they had, which I must say, was not a lot.,
The rooms looked a bit like youth hostel quarters.
Tiny beds, no pillow cases, no kettle and no food.
A that point it was a luxury just to put our bags and heads down somewhere.
The shit that passes for good news somedays, huh?
The real rub was that the band had an 11am stage call to check the gear.
That which had made it anyway.
So not a lot of rest was had.
I, mercifully, was not involved in that stage call but I did have to get up and move into my actual room, a vast improvement, about 11:30.
We weren't onstage until 9:20 that night so there was a bit of resting room for everyone during the later part of the day.
It was still all very disorienting.
We got to the festival site about 7pm and made our way to our respective dressing tents.
Our missing gear turned up about 8pm.
It was soaking wet outside and inside the cases.
Lucky Jon had brought a second bass and we could provisionally get by without it and the guitar for this show.
We could tell by the baggage tags that it had actually arrived in Oslo when we did and had sat out in the rain all night.
Frustrating and infuriating.
So, the two hour wait, making our arrival at the hotel even later, was completely unnecessary.
There were a lot of acts on the bill so our stage time was only 50 minutes.
After all we went thru to get there it seemed ironic at best.
But we did what we had to and came off exactly 50 minutes later.
The crowd was very cool and appreciative and the show, brief as it was, went very well, indeed.
So that's the saga of the Treungenfestivalen.
The next morning presented us with not such an unsociable leave time but we did have another 3 hour coach trip to the next hotel.
We got there about 2:30 and were there until we went to our soundcheck at 4pm.
Most of these festivals have been set in big fields surrounded by forest, but the Summerparty in Gressvik was smack in the middle of town.
In a mall parking lot with houses everywhere in the periphery.
It didn't look very welcoming in the afternoon, but by the time a couple thousand people gathered it was every bit the scene of a concert.
We went on at 10pm.
As we were headlining this event we were given 90 minute set.
Still considerably shorter than our regular show but longer than we'd gotten to play in weeks.
The wet gear was still working when it eventually dried.
A miracle actually.
Another great, enthusiastic crowd and another successful concert.
Made it back to the hotel by about midnight.
Up fairly early this morning and back to Oslo airport which is where I am as I type this.
We board our flight to London in about 20 minutes.
I've heard it said that 'rock and roll will never die' but it certainly has killed or at least beat the hell out of a lot of people in it's stubbornness.

Next week's schedule is gonna be another bitch.
Two shows and five flights to get them done.
Deep breaths. ~


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