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Well, the Danish festival is just over the horizon.
Rehearsal in London tomorrow which means an early journey there.
Friday night we head to a hotel at the airport for a 6am check-in the next morning.
We play at 9 that night so will be a lonnnnnnng day.
Will be nice to be back in Denmark where I spent so much time with Hook.
People started thinking we were a Danish band after awhile because we were always either just going or just getting back from there.

I, lazy bastard that I am, decided to skip the gym this week.
I was only going to be able to go yesterday and/or today and there are too many little things I need to do, so I've opted out this week and will get back into it, full steam, next week.

Was very shocked to hear about the passing of Cilla Black.
Seemed unexpected but I can't help thinking the mini-series and the couple of new biographies that have been recently published were not coincidence.
A true 60s female icon in a showbiz era that was mostly male dominated.
Beatle haircuts and Cilla hair.
That just about sums up the 60s look.

Have a few errands to do today, a few emails to send and calls to make, a cup of tea with a friend.
Hearing there is supposed to be a Tube strike today and tomorrow which will probably make travel to London a bloody nightmare for all of us.
Will be nice to see the band.
We did a great BIG thing in NZ and I haven't seen them since the morning we all left the last hotel.
It's only a 75 minute set at the festival on Saturday, so it will be brief rendezvous.
But, never fear...we will all be gaffer taped together for a few weeks in Australia.
Which, by the way, is selling well and quickly, so, if you're thinking about attending a show, stop thinking and get your tickets.
Just passing on what I've been told.

A quick note: My latest poem, Semi-conscious Decision, is not to be taken literally.
Unless, of course, you're prone to taking a spill.
I, however, do not find myself on the ground without warning very much at all.
Physically speaking, that us.
Metaphorically, I do have to pick myself up and dust myself off occasionally, and sometimes wonder if it's worth putting on a clean shirt.
As do we all.

OK. The sun is in and out today.
Let's see if I can synchronize my movements accordingly. ~


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