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I sincerely hope that me, venting a bit about my situation, is not construed as me, complaining about my lot in life.
I've been presented with options over the years that, while they could have turned out to be lucrative, weren't what I saw myself doing.
Sometimes it wasn't right creatively and other times it was simply the people involved that put me off.
I learned the hard way, the first time around, so why the hell would I go there again?
I reckon if I'm going to be less than satisfied let it be because I couldn't find the opportunity to do what I thought was right rather than because I've given up and taken on something I detest doing.
I believe there is a happy medium, but I'm stubborn and very black and white when it comes to my gig.
For the longest time I thought there might be a way around it.
Believe me, friends, there isn't.
Between you and me, I doubt I'll totally pack it in - it's how I make a living! - but it's really starting to sink in that the juicy, creative, experimental, 'hope you like this new song!' days are well and truly gone.
Watching things change like that in my lifelong profession is a bit like visiting an ailing old relative friend who no longer recognizes you.
You feel like you should still go visit, but it breaks your heart to see them that way.
And you wonder if it's not better to just remember them the way they were.

Meanwhile, I've chosen twenty eight cartoons, mostly unseen, to be displayed at the art festival in September.
I'll have prints of a few for sale and, I suppose, if anyone was interested in owning an original, we could discuss it.
I'm just glad to have the opportunity to show them as a collection of sorts.
I figured that displaying a decent number of them might get a style and a sense of humor across where showing just a few might not.
"Oh, how cute, The singer draws too!"

In any case, I doubt I'll leave this world well known for much, least of all my cartoons, but, what the hell, huh? ~


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