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I received a very nice and much appreciated email from Cayce Sawyer today.
He wanted me to know that he and his family are as fed up as I am with the 'ex-spurts' feeding the shitmill to keep some make believe feud going on between his father and me.
Ray Sawyer and I have been on two separate paths for over 30 years, living on two different continents for the last decade, but, one could get the strong impression from reading all the negative bullshit the assholes have put out there that we are crouched behind rocks, firing semi-automatic weapons at each other.
The funny (and by that I mean 'sick') thing about all of this is that the 'ex-spurts' would probably like nothing better than to see the two frontmen of Dr Hook back together again, but, still, for some reason, they feel compelled to say and do everything they can to assure the chasm between us continues to appear as wide and deep as is possible.
Truth is Cayce's father and I won't work together anymore, but that doesn't mean we will be working towards each other's destruction either.
Now, what I want to know is what will the 'ex-spurts' find to be 'ex-spurts' about if both camps wish they'd shut the fuck up??? ~


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