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Sam's six year old son, Billy, came to see me play with the band last year.
He sat in the first row and rocked out!
I was pleased he seemed pretty 'impressed' (which, by the way, was his fave Post Cool song at the time).
His school did a Xmas play this year and young Billy told his mum he wanted me to go hear him sing this time.
Fair enough!
It all went a bit wrong when he found out he was expected to wear a cow or donkey costume for the nativity scene.
He was not at all happy and already telling his mum she'd have to let him stay home sick that day. 
When Sam and Billy's dad went to a parent/teacher conference last week the teacher wanted to know who 'Dennis' was.
As it turned out, the lad had gone to school and made his case, saying 'Dennis doesn't have to dress like a cow when he sings. He wears jeans and plays guitar!'
I guess it worked because I saw the play on Friday and Billy was wearing jeans, a t-shirt with guitars on it and a leather jacket.
Oh, and, yes, he had his guitar with him.
All I can say is 'Phew!'.
I was anticipating having to come up with a cow suit for at least one show next year. ~


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