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I'm pretty excited about the release of my book.
I would never have guessed this would be the next thing I do.
The most rewarding thing is that any feedback I get will be for something I've not been known for doing.
Quite a difference from the singing/touring stuff.
Whenever I get myself in the middle of something new my first big worry is that it will be accepted.
It's very easy to talk myself out of projects with a simple 'Yeah, but who will care?'
In this case, I was approached by the publisher about putting out a collection of poems, so there's that question answered, on a professional level anyway.
The other nice thing is that by the time my material was discovered I was already well on my way to having alot of it done.
It's not like I said 'yes' to a book of poetry and then had to figure out how to pull it off.
It was, for the most part, finished by the time I was contacted about it.
It's something that comes naturally to me, like the cartoons, which, of course, always makes me question it's worth.
But, all in all, it's pretty cool to be jumping into a whole other forum with no idea of how or where it will be received.
I will be starting a whole new website just for the book - whateversburningnow.com.
There will also be an 'exclusive' email address included in the book.
I figure if someone picks it up and wants to communicate with me about any of it they should have a direct channel without having to rummage thru my rock and roll attic to get there.
We're still developing it but when the new site is up and running I'll let you know.
Probably wait until we're alot closer to the release date.
Nothing really to talk about until it's actually available.
I don't expect to set the literary world on fire, but it will make my world a bit warmer, just knowing it's out there to be found. ~


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