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Man, it was blowing a gale out there last night!
Sounded like I was on a ship on the middle of a raging sea.
When I finally went to bed, about 5am, it seemed like the violence of it all was calming down.
Just seems yucky and wet today.

Should know something about next year's band soon.
I went about putting things together in a different way this time.
I hired a musical director to find great players and make sure they all know the material before I even meet them.
The idea is that there will always be brilliant musicians behind me, even if they're not always the same ones.
If one can't make a certain gig or tour, the MD will find someone as good to sub for him or her.
Each time I've put a group together in the past it became my responsibility to keep them working or they'd understandably be forced to find jobs elsewhere.
Some of them were in other bands, like Joe Brown's or Andy Fairweather Low's.
When either JB or AFL were ready to tour again I lost pieces of 'my' band and was back to square one.
I actually started working solo more often than not for that very reason.
Got tired of beginning all over again.
From now on I will have musicians behind me that can play the shit out of whatever they are given and, if the pieces change now and then, it won't matter as long as it sounds great every time out.
There's something to be said about the closeness of working with your friends but there's also a lot of merit in hiring professionals who do the job or find someone who can.
Keeps things running more consistently without me having to rehearse songs that I've played for decades over and over again with new people every few months.
Of course I will rehearse with everyone but not for weeks each time it changes.
This band will include the MD, who plays guitar and keys, a keyboardist, a bass player and a drummer along with two female background singers.
A few of the guys will also sing and I hear the bass player may also be a woman.
I like that.
I have to add the disclaimer that everything is subject to change before I give everyone the final word.
Right now I'm telling you what I (think I) know.

More when there is more. ~


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