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2016 looks like it will be a good year for concerts.
So far I have tickets to see Jason Isbell in January, Jeff Lynne's ELO (as if there could be any other version!) in April and Billy Joel in September.
I will also have quite a few of my own shows to think about.
Will be cool to see a few classy acts for inspiration.
Went to see Jo Brand on Friday night.
She's on a warm up tour, trying out new material.
What a funny human being she is!
She sometimes takes a bad rap for 'man bashing', but it's all Intellidgent and hilarious.
I can imagine she has taken her share of sexist crap in her time, not being what you could call a 'classic beauty' and her sense of humor has probably always served as her antidote and response.
Laughed lots.
Always a great thing.

Hard to believe it's almost Xmas, but I think I say that every year now, along with zillions of other people.
Don't know if I would have been slammed with the flu this year if I hadn't gotten the jab, but I seem OK while many around me are suffering.
Being sick was becoming a holiday tradition after years of sailing thru, unscathed, without anything but my immune system to get me by.
Thinking about it tho, the last few years have ended with the spectre of a major tour looming in the early part the new one.
I'm guessing my stress levels were up and I'm sure it didn't help.

We've been banging on about folks signing up for the newsletter.
The more people that subscribe the less we have to tell everyone what's going on, individually.
Now that I've become an international concern again, it's nearly impossible to negotiate without the website, social media and a mail database.
When we switched over to our new website design we also employed a few new tools, one being a new, efficient, simple, quick way to do mail outs.
Our old server was not working for us and it was time to make the move.
Muuuuuuuch better, I'm happy to report.
Even if you signed up for the newsletter in the past, it might be a good time to do it again, as we ipdare everything about the way we operate.
It will take a couple if minutes, if that, and both you and and we can be confident that yiu'll receive all the latest information as soon as we do.
It's a new game.
Present day technology can be a pain in the ass, especially if you lived half (or more) of your life without it.
But I guess when they switched over from Pony Express riders delivering our mail on horseback, at peril of being killed by wild animals, justifiably irate native American tribes or the elements, someone complained about all the telegraph poles marring the scenery.
In some ways I feel sorry for the youth today because they won't have a lot of the cool things we did.
But, then again, they'll have nothing to compare it to.
It's the baby boomera that are scratching their heads, saying 'Why in hell did we have to change that?!? It was fine as it was!'
You don't miss what you never had.
It's like your old uncle telling you that when he was a kid it only cost a nickel to go the the movies, where they also gave you a free comic book, before showing you ten Warner Brothers cartoons and two feature films, and, if you took your ticket stub to the Chinese restaurant around the corner after the show, they'd give you a complimentary egg roll.
And you'd think 'Yeah, uh, OK. But why do I have to think about that when it's obviously not that way now?'
It's later on, when you start to pine for the simpler times, when movie tickets were only $25 and popcorn was still a tenner that you'll understand.

OK, it's time to get in gear, ('whatever that means' ponders the extremely non-vehicular soul typing this entry).
More when there js more.
In the meantime, if you haven't recently or at all, sign up for the newsletter.
It will make future communication a great deal easier for all of us. ~


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