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Friends, it's stunning how quickly time seems to go by these days.
I know it's a result of getting older and having spent enough time on the planet to be able to confidently assess what will happen next in most situations with sometimes eerie accuracy.
There still miight be some interesting surprises along the way, but, more often than not, things pan out pretty much the way you thought they would.
It's like when you take a car trip to somewhere you've never been before.
You deliberate over every turn, read every sign, as you feel your way to your virgin destination.
When you're trying to determine if you're going In the right direction, if you've passsed your exit or how much longer it will be before you arrive it can feel like it's taking forever.
When you're on your way back home, the journey seems to go a lot quicker.
Less uncertainty over what roads to take, more of an idea about the time it will take to get home.
Chances are you won't be as concerned about getting there by a certain time.
In other words, the trip will be more straight forward with less opportunity for surprise.
That might mean a welcome drop in stress and apprehension levels because you know where you're headed, and, more or less, what to expect when you get there.
Anyway, it's almost Christmas again.
Anyone else see it coming?
Like maybe since last December 26th?
Hard to make believe it just snuck up you, isn't it?
They say youth is wasted on the young.
I say it's wasted BY the young, who spend all their time wishing they could be older, without putting in the time.
Which happens to be the major component of getting older, kids.
It humbles us all.
If we're lucky.

I'm hoping for a very lowkey, relaxingly enjoyable holiday season this year.
Given the amount of time I could very well spend away from home in the coming months I just want to be where I am with the ones I'll miss when I'm not.
I couldn't wish more for anyone. ~


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