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For a guy who grew up and has always lived where it gets dark earlier in the winter I sure do find it disorienting.
I didn't get out until after 2pm today and was depressingly surprised by how soon it seemed like night.
It's certainly why there are so many festive holidays and get togethers during the winter months and why so many involve illuminations of some sort.
From candles to electric decorations.
We incorporate them lavishly to lighten the spirit as the sky grows darker.
Family gatherings.
Lots of food and drink.
All to avoid being alone in the cold and dark for too long.
They're pretty primitive survival tactics we still employ to this day.
More sophisticated in their presentation now but just as basic and visceral in practice as they ever were.
Light a fire in the bitter, black night and everyone will come and circle around it, as much for the light as the warmth.
Maybe more.
Most of the things we use to cheer, pump, screw or dress ourselves up are devised in an effort to help us to skirt around a few simple truths about ourselves.
We draw lines in the sand, sometimes arbitrarily, and are then terrified to cross them.
We put them there.
We can move them if it becomes necessary.
I think we forget that at some of the worst times. ~


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