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Here we are a week away from Xmas.
The Scottish tickets for the Timeless World Tour are on sale now and the rest of the UK will follow.
No exact date yet but soon.
Different promoter for Scotland and they wanted them out there before Xmas.
A good idea I think.
Some of the others could be as well.
The newsletter is the best place to get the up to date info.

Not much else to report but you may have guessed that by my absence.
The world is a mess.
I want to feel badly for the youth of today because they missed a whole lot of good times, back when the world was probably already on it's way to becoming the political sinkhole it is today but they didn't shove it up our asses quite as often and enthusiastically
24 hour news channels be damned to hell!
I'm actually starting to envy the kids a little for their inability to compare.
They deal with what they're given without pining for what they've lost.
Remember when they used to say that the reason we couldn't possibly be told about the existence of UFOs and life on other planets was that it would frighten too many people.
We wouldn't be able to handle it.
Mass panic.
There would be riots in the streets.
Somewhere along the way they decided that was viable and exactly the reaction they want from us.
Confused, scared and all running in the same direction.
But nobody's waiting for the enemy to arrive from another galaxy.
We now know all too well that our earthly neighbors mean to do us just as much harm...or so we're told.
Screw the little green men in the flying saucers.
That's the stuff mega-hit movies are made of.
Heavily armed militia looking police swarming thru a tree-lined residential area is a common sight on TV.
My guess is we should get used to it.
They urge us to vote and give us no real options.
It's like running the only grocery store in town and serving rancid food.
Take it or leave it, folks.
Your choices are food poisoning or starvation.
All depends on whether you want it said (after you're gone, of course) that you had a hand in your own demise.
In that case, get that bacteria down yer neck.
If not, just abstain and let nature take you down.

Gonna go for a walk.
Haven't made my way back to the gym yet.
I've been guity of a little too much 'comfort eating' in the last few weeks.
Funny they call it that even tho your clothes get more uncomfortable by the day.
Nothing I can't pull together simply by pulling it together, if you know what I mean.
Just gotta do it.
The holidays don't make it any easier, but, fortunately, I'm not a very social animal and don't really do the party thing, so there won't be all that many calories set out on a festively decorated tables to tempt me.
It's the shit in my pantry that I never should have brought home in the first place that I have to resist.
Or just eat and have done with it.

Now, about that walk. ~


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