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Well, we're three shows away from the end of this surprising, amazing, brilliant, exhausting tour.
It's fun and very rewarding (on several levels) but if I told you it's been a walk in the park I'd be a damned liar!
Everyone has had to stay on top form for months, thru cold and flu season, early leaves with a show that night, miles and miles of traveling, packing, flying, hotel conditions (they've mainly been pretty comfy accomodations), balancing their home lives and whatever else the road throws at us.
I have pretty much left all those bits out of my blog entries because I didn't want to seem ungrateful when soooooo many good people had thrown down their money to come along and see us every night.
It''s what we do and we've all done it long enough to know that the variables out here are numerous and the consistency must all come from within.
This band is wonderful.
John, Damien, Willie, Michelle, Jon and Accy.
Their talent and professionalism surpasses any I've worked with.
And they're all really great people to be around.
I should include our crew in all of this.
Simon, the sound engineer, Graham, our stage tech and Glen, the lighting director, have all gone above and beyond to make things as smooth as it can possibly be.
It also helps that they're the kinds of people you enjoy seeing every day.
No complaining or faces of thunder.
No matter what.
I appreciate that as much as their abilities.
A special mention to Sean, who gets the band members around and handles and sells the merchandise.
Another lovely fella and a real pro.
This would all be impossible without the tireless efforts of Adrian, my tour and production manager, who has so much to deal with on a day to day basis it's staggering.
His job starts long before we start a tour and doesn't stop afterwards.
He's been working on next year's schedules in his every spare minute out here and at home.
I also have to mention the wonderful Sam and Claire in adminstration.
Sam has stayed on top of all social media which has been upped tenfold since we began the global stuff.
Claire does all the books, payrolls, and all things contractual and financial.
If you think it's easy at this pace, think again.
I know we aren't finished out here but I wanted to address this right here, right now.
I'll be back with my thoughts on tonight's show, most likely from home, where we will be until next Wednesday, when we leave to do the last two shows.
I'm sure I'll have more to say about all of but, for right now, I hope I've let you know how I feel about everyone and everything. ~

PS I have to thank Tim, who filled in on drums for the first half of the tour when Accy and his wife were due to have a baby girl.
Rock solid musician and a joy to have onboard.


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