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I'm the kind of guy that doesn't subscribe to the notion of fate or that things happen for a reason.
I steadfastly believe that life is a bunch of random events that we, as human beings, have to give order and meaning to or we'd go f*cking crazy, wandering thru our days, feeling purposeless.
We have to figure everything out and call it something, even if we have to make it up.
And, yet, I'm typically surprised and disappointed when my plans don't work out and never fail to take misfortune personally, as if I've been targeted by some greater force.
Of course, it soon becomes evident that 'shit just happens' and I roll on.
But, like many people, my first response it to stamp my foot like a sitcom teenager and whine 'LIFE'S NOT FAIR!' when I know damned well it isn't and was never meant to be.
How thirsty you are determines whether you think the glass is half empty or half full.

There are people we have known for many years and those we knew many years ago.
I'm usually interested in hearing from or seeing someone from my younger days, out of curiousity as much as nostalgia, but quickly find myself losing interest when they start telling me how well they 'know' me and commenting on things they could not possibly have an informed handle on, naively basing their opinions on what they think I might have said or done way back when.
Having a website affords others the opportunity to find me and get in touch and that can be a really good experience.
It doesn't, however, automatically erase the big gaps in time and immediiately and effortlessly propel us back to wherever or whenever it was we last saw each other.
I love finding out what people from my past are doing now and what they've been up to, but it takes a bit of back and forth.
If you assume you're contacting the same person you remember you might be pleasantly reassured or you might wish you would have let it be.
I suppose that depends on where we left it and how far it's moved since then (half empty/half full?).
And, trust me, it's moved a galaxy away.
For me, at least.

Just a few entries back I was saying how it seems Xmas comes roaring up more quickly every year and blaming it on my age.
Today I'm marveling that it's only three days away! ~


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