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I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for the nice email, cards and gifts that I've recv'd for Xmas.
I say the same thing every year.
Unnecessary and unexpected, but much appreciated.
The latest newsletter has gone out.
You should be receiving it any second.
Or a second ago.
If you've signed up for it.
If you haven't, why not?!?

I may be back over the next few days, but, just in case I don't get to the iPad often, let me extend my best wishes right here, right now.
Stay away from the news channels for awhile.
We know everything sucks and we're all gonna die, but they can fuck off with all of that for a bit, please.
We can live without it for a couple of days
We're not gonna miss anything important, believe me.
It will come thru your window, tied to a brick, if someone wants you to know.
And choosing not to know for a little while doesn't make you ignorant, insensitive or unconcerned.
We need to come up for air once in awhile or drown in the bad news.
After a rest and some fresh gulps, we can dive back down into the depths of global unrest and local turmoil if that's our choice.
Just remember that we're not meant to be shit breathers, no matter how we're expected to be, and we can't survive for long down in those depths.
Christmas means a lot of different things to people.
Some crass and commercial, some warm and family oriented.
I'm going to invest the holidays this year in attempting to allow myself to surface and take a number of whole breaths before it's time to submerge again.
Eat, drink and be merry.
Just remember to breeeeaaaath. ~


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