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Looks like the year of the Xmas pop 'round.
Going to a few friends' to say MERRY and HAPPY, spend a little time and roll on.
Expect to be home and chilled rather early tonight.
A bit more visiting tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone that sent cards, email and even a few gifts this year.
Always means a lot.
The new year will show signs of change, with some becoming evident more slowly than others.
Those changes will include the website as well as some professional habits.
The merchandise page was impossible to make happen before the holidays, I'm afraid.
We were ready but it took quite a while to get the credit card folks to get back to us with all the relevant information needed.
We have all that now, so it will be up in the new year if not before.
The band, touring and all that entails is coming clearer every day.
The solo shows up North will be fun to do, especially as my social life will complicate considerably, professionaly speaking, once I'm traveling in the circus wagons again.
It will be interesting to work with a whole new bunch of people, if a little daunting.
There will be no one that I have presently even met, except for a brief chat with the musical director much earlier in the year.
This is not to say I wouldn't want to play again with some of the musicians I have in past years.
I would love it.
Some brilliantly gifted people joined me on those stages.
I remember introducing the members of my last band, Tomorrow Road, by saying there was so much talent on the stage that I bought a ticket!
I just thought I would go a completely unchartered way this time.
Mostly to kick myself into a new way of thinking about what I do.
After a million years you can find yourself falling into comfortable patterns that find their merit in familiarity, but don't challenge you in areas that need it.
Strangely enough, I am having to find something exciting and new in the old Dr Hook catalog.
The success of the Timeless album made me reassess my professional standing in this business.
I found that I got a whole lot more respect, if that's the right word, from radio, TV and press when I showed up as "the guy who sang all those hits".
Of course the difference was all in everyone else's mind.
There was nothing I had to alter.
It gets weird when you spend too much time trying to be who you already are.
So I am simply going to do what I do, including a nice selection of my solo work, and let the perception change from the outside.

Well, that's it from me for now.
Enjoy yourself and don't ruin it for anyone else. ~


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