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So what was all this talk about the Xmas climate being unseasonably warm and lovely?
Not sure about you but, where I am, the wind and rain is slamming up against my windows like I'm on a treacherous ocean voyage.
Had a couple last minute things I wanted to do, but I may have to Ebenezer my way out of doing them.
Did you hear about the US dinner lady that got fired for giving a free meal to a student who didn't have the money to buy one?
Even after the woman offered to pay the $1.70 the meal cost she was still sacked and recv'd a letter from the school board saying she was being terminated because of 'poor performance' and 'theft'.
There is a petition going around that you can sign to get her reinstated.
Why the hell would she want to go back to that job under any circumstances?
This story popped up on my newsfeed page, by the way.
I was only going to check Twitter and send a couple email.
The shit is hard to avoid.
Good tidings, folks.


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